Tuesday, July 22, 2008


If I lived in a place where I had space to display this sort of thing, I would have bought it. Well, I would have asked the price, at least. But I don't, do I didn't.

Isn't it lovely, though?

Here is the label. I liked the label, too.

Oh, whoops. I just noticed that this is a 'graphophone,' not a gramophone. My title is wrong.

What is the difference between a graphophone and a gramophone, anyway?


Hebron said...


The British English term for U.S. English "phonograph"
an improved version of the phonograph invented through the laboratories of Alexander Graham Bell

Again, Mr Bell proves himself a scientific thief >.>

The Editter said...

I think a Graphophone should spit out a printed transcript of the song you put the needle on :)