Monday, July 21, 2008


I wonder why the English Yahoo weather site and the Japanese Yahoo weather site give different temperatures for the same place?

I wish the English site was the correct one, especially for the nighttime temperatures. It isn't, though. The thermometer in this room reads 30 degrees Celsius (86F) right now, at almost two in the morning, and that's with the air conditioner on. Outside is a LOT warmer. I know, because I just went out there to check.

We are well into two or three shower a day weather, and tomorrow I am planning to go to a flea market. Outside. Where there is no air conditioning. This probably makes me some kind of idiot.

The heat is tiring enough without being ill as well, and this weather is not helping The Man, who has been unwell with a nasty throat infection. Poor Man. He needs to get a badly impacted wisdom tooth seen to, too (possibly the source of all his problems), but it will mean surgery, and he wants to be well enough to cope with that. Whether or not we will be able to travel anywhere this summer is still up in the air. We will just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, he is on a fattening diet, to try to regain some of the weight he has lost, which has left him looking like a famine victim. You could play the xylophone on his ribs. To encourage him, I have been sampling some of the fattening goodies he has been indulging in, and so far the person who has gained the most weight around here is me.

In other news, today I have been amused by Fail Blog.


Hebron said...

Note to self: Do not go to Japan during summer >.<

I can't stand the heat. I swear I'm made of wax. Or lard. Probably lard.

And I love Failblog! :D