Thursday, April 17, 2008

What does it mean?

In one of my classes this morning, of second-year students, at least half the class are students I had last year. It is embarrassing to have forgotten which names belong to which faces, but I didn't expect to have them again. Also, last year they were in a very large class, and I had a lot of large classes. This year they're in a class of about twenty.

I remembered a bag, though. As I was perambulating around the classroom I almost tripped over it, and recognized it right away. It was like meeting an old friend. Last year, when things got out of hand in that class, I would distract myself by speculating on what the bag meant and what was in it. Malfunctioning hedge clippers! I'd think desperately. Dangerous hairdressing equipment!

I know (or at least I think I know) what it is supposed to say (and doesn't), but . . . well, if it actually means what it says, what does it mean?

The bag says:



Anonymous said...

How about dangerous fat-loss equipment? :)

Living in Japan must provide SO much fodder for completely unproductive - but entertaining - musings...

Don said...

Since "trim" as slang is in the same category as "chicks" and "poontang" and so on, my first thought was that it had to do with those infamous Japanese schoolgirls.

Keera Ann Fox said...

A trimly warning is what you should sound just before a child decides to cut his or her own hair. Or it's the alarm that should go off in men when their nose hairs are trying to reincarnate as a mustache. Yes, trimly warnings are very good to have.

Hebron said...

I've got it!
A Trimly Warning is a reminder of when your trim milk is about to go off!
How convenient! XD

The Editter said...

It means:
Do Not Eat The Cream-Filled Lamingtons Contained Herein. Your Waistline Will Not Thank You!

Ookami Snow said...

Trimly is an archaic word that refers to an animal sort of like a chipmunk. Thus the bag is warning you about chipmunks.

be careful out there