Monday, April 14, 2008

Did we win? Anything?

Tonight The Man was watching K1 when he called upstairs to me.

"Quick! The New Zealand national anthem is playing!" he shouted.

I ran downstairs, wondering why I was bothering. Sure enough, just before a fight that involved a New Zealander, the NZ national anthem was being played. I sang along hammily. This reminded me of how much I dislike the NZ national anthem. It sounds like something you'd hear at a funeral. And the words are awful. (Actually I've forgotten most of them.)

"Probably you didn't really want to hear that," said The Man as I warbled the last notes ("New Zeeeeeeeeealand!") and started to leave the room. "But I think that was the first time for me to hear it. NZ never wins anything."

I paused on the bottom step, but decided I was too depressed by that mournful dirge to bother going back to slap his face. Besides, I couldn't remember the last time NZ won anything.

When WAS the last time NZ won anything? We never get the sports NZ is good at on TV here.


Don said...

What are they good at, anyway? Hurling? Sheep-shearing, for certain. Sea kayaking?

Hebron said...

=grumbles angrily for a bit=

Honestly, I have as much pride for my country as I have for that magnificent fart I dropped two weeks ago. Both were loud and made a room inhabitable for about 15 seconds, then it was forgotten :P

But I'll check on this "what did we win", based solely on trophies, rather than "Ooo! Look at us! We won a meaningless test against england!"

We've got some good ratings, but I can't really find much without going batty. Really, I lost interest as soon as I hit 'search'. I'm not a very patriotic person. Winning top country is kinda neat though :P Yay elitism!

Yep. I have no idea. But then again, I could care less. Negatives are less, right? :P

Jay said...

I rather like the NZ national anthem. It's less of a dirge than ours, for sure! And it reminds me of the year we spent there, which was quite extraordinary. I miss NZ ... except for the sandflies. And the mosquitoes. And the asthma which quickly had me on steroids.

If it weren't for those three things, we might have applied for citizenship.