Monday, April 28, 2008


The butterflies like the yellow flowers growing down by the river.


Hebron said...

Hmm. I was half expecting a story. So I made one up.

"Oh, is it here? I'm sure it was here."
"Noooo... it's not here either. Where could it be?"
"Ah! Assistance! You there! Have you seen where I left my spectacles?"

Keera Ann Fox said...

I like the non-yellow butterflies that grow down by the river. :-) And Hebron's story.

Hebron said...

Ooops. I kinda didn't notice that the first flutterby isn't the same as the last two.
I suppose a better line to begin my story with would be: "I can't see 'em over 'ere, Barry! What about where you are?"


Badaunt said...

It never occurred to me to give the butterflies a story! (But that doesn't matter - Hebron has provided a perfect storyline so I don't have to.)