Tuesday, November 13, 2007

van Graffiti

On Sunday, as The Man and I were cycling to the supermarket, I asked a question that had popped into my head for no particular reason:

"Why did Holland have so many great artists, do you think? It's not that big a country."

The Man replied,

"It's because they had so many walls."


Anonymous said...

If one has just the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam)'s widget one is impressed by this - there is so much Dutch painting; and any given painting often seems 50-100years later than its actual date.

Holland was rich! and liked being rich! And out of all that painting comes one perfect artist, Vermeer; and another genius, name starting with...um... R I think :-)

PS Proust has his writer Bergotte die sitting in front of the View of Delft. He dies staring at a perfect patch of yellow wall...

Miz UV said...

That's a keeper!

torrygirl said...

You've got to love explanations like that!