Thursday, November 22, 2007


On Wednesday morning I was almost happy to wake up and discover that I was suffering from a common-or-garden cold rather than an existential crisis. I had rather mixed feelings when I realized I had timed this to coincide with a public holiday on Friday. I would have liked to have a day off in which I could actually get something done, but the way I'm feeling now it seems rather unlikely. On the other hand, it is rather nice to not have to work tomorrow feeling like this.

Also cheering was that the farcical screw-ups at work both yesterday and today – at different places – were not caused by me. Especially cheering is the fact that I was able to ameliorate the situations on both days fairly efficiently and without fuss (aside from some sniffing and sneezing and moaning about how sick I was feeling), and now I am even managing to use big words. (Didn't you notice that ameliorate? Weren't you impressed? I was.)

But while I may be feeling well enough to use big words, I am not feeling well enough to describe what happened. I'll tell you about it tomorrow, or whenever I emerge from the marathon sleep session I am about to embark on.


Keera Ann Fox said...

I'm sure the godwits aren't impressed (who named them that?), but I am totally sympathetic.

Badaunt said...

Yes, I'm fairly sure I'd have to achieve a lot more than catching a cold to impress a godwit.