Monday, June 18, 2007

Why I blog meme

I have been tagged for a meme. I do not know why Tinyhands used a C for me. Why did I get a C? Should I have tried harder?

Anyway, here we go. Five reasons why I blog.

1. Because I can't stop. (Although I do seem able to pause, sometimes.)
2. For the comments and connections. Classrooms are very isolating. My readers keep me sane. (Really!)
3. To let off steam. Blogging is more fun than bashing my head against a wall.
4. At times my job seems utterly pointless. Some days, writing about it IS the point.
5. Life is full of funny bits.

I don't know how many people I am supposed to tag, so I'll just pick a few.

Carrie, RadioactiveJam, Paula, Styleygeek, Kenju, Maria and, um, anybody else who wants to.


StyleyGeek said...

I did it already! But thanks for the tagging nonetheless :)

Miz UV said...

Thanks, I'll do it in a little while. :)

Radioactive Jam said...

If I link back, can I just use yours? Because, you know.


Suppose I call yours a "template?"

tinyhands said...

Ha! I hadn't really intended my last point to be tagging you or anyone else. I only meant to imply that you were a chick (one that I'm happy to have 'met'). :D