Sunday, June 17, 2007

Nothing interesting

Yesterday morning my alarm went off as it was supposed to, and I turned it off. My brain then started the process of constructing a complex and plausible reason why it was not necessary for me to get up. This was working very well, and I was totally convinced until The Man said to me gently,

"Aren't you supposed to be getting up?"

No! said my brain, but my mouth did not open.

"It's tiiiime!" he sang.

I got irritated.

"Nanyoobi desu ka?" I asked. I don't know why I felt I had to ask in Japanese, but I did. It seemed terribly important.

"Friday," said The Man.

"FRIDAY?" I squawked, and catapulted out of bed. Then I sat for a moment trying to remember why it was that I did not have to go to work, but unfortunately my impeccable reasoning had unravelled when I opened my eyes, so I couldn't think of any excuse to go back to sleep.

When I got to work I sat in my first classroom waiting for my lone student to arrive, and he didn't. It seemed to me that this was proof that my brain was right and I hadn't had to get out of bed. But although I tried and tried, there was no way I could make the logic work unless I went backwards.

It has been an uneventful week in teaching for me, aside from the Wednesday seating arrangement thing. On Tuesday my goofy student turned up at the normal time for the right class, surprising me enormously. Actually, I suppose that could be called an 'event,' because it is the first time he has managed to do that since the first class. Perhaps the scream he elicited last week gave him a fright.

But aside from that, nothing interesting has happened. Nobody hyperventilated, nobody screamed, and it has been business as usual.


Morgan said...

I always enjoy reading your blog!

Just wondering, do you usually speak to your husband in polite Japanese?
I usually reserve it for when i feel slightly sarcastic (with my man). For example, using "hai, goshujinsama".