Friday, February 09, 2007

Small bird

Today I have had fun watching the Mr. Deity series on YouTube, courtesy of Dispatches from the Culture Wars. They posted one episode, and I went to the source and watched them from the beginning. They are hilarious.

Also, I have ALMOST finished a book that was passed on to me by a friend, called Bangkok Tattoo, by John Burdett. I am enjoying it so much I do not want it to finish. It is a mystery, but set in Thailand, with a Thai narrator (or at least half Thai), so it is a little different. Funny, too. Now I want to read the first one.

I told The Man that he would probably enjoy this book. He likes mysteries, and it has an Asian flavour. I told him the writer's name so he could look it up in the Japanese bookstores and find out if it has been translated.

"I'll never remember that name," he said.

"Yes you will," I said. "You just have to figure out a way to remember it. For example, you can remember 'John' because it's such a common name, and for Burdett ... well, just think of bird, because I like birds, and then think of a female, or small bird, because I'm a small female bird. It's not a usual bird. It's a birdette."

He laughed. "That is far too complicated," he said.

A while later I asked if he could remember the writer's name, and he instantly replied,

"John Burdett."

"See?" I said. "I TOLD you my way would be easy."

"That's not how I remembered it," he said.

But he refused to say how he remembered it, and I think he was lying.

It's funny how the most useful mnemonics are quite often a lot more complicated than what you're using them to remember.


Kay said...

John Burdett's Bangkok mysteries are wonderful....all that karma! You've done "Bangkok 8"? And "Bangkok Haunts" will be out in May.....

Nils said...

thank you SO MUCH for pointing to the Mr. Deity series (=

Also, I think it wasn't the Mnemonic, but rather the fact that it was so unusual/made him laugh... Generally, things that make you laugh are more easily remembered, from my own memory.