Thursday, February 15, 2007

Drama queen

Today while I was doing housework (or thinking about doing it, or not doing it, depending on how you view the matter) I happened to find a rather amusing video on YouTube. I laughed so hard that I had to watch it again. And again.

And then I started to worry about that last cat, which was apparently really frightened, had the world's worst hairball, or ... something. The poor creature seemed to be stuck in a state of pure horror. I do not like cruelty to animals, so decided not to post the video until I was sure that the cat was not being tortured. I mean, really, no HAPPY cat says, "Oh, my dog!" and recites gibberish poetry. That was a severely messed up cat.

Who messed it up?

Further fossicking around YouTube revealed what had caused this awful reaction, and to my great relief it is safe to post the video. It may not seem clear from the first video, but as you can see from the second one, that cat (Oh, long Johnson!) is not being tortured.

Both videos follow. Enjoy the laugh free of guilt. As you will see in the second video, that last cat is pure drama queen.


Ms Mac said...

That scares me just a little bit.

Cheryl said...

Love it!