Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Curling Kiwis

Doing a little blog-hopping this evening, I was reading Berlin Bear and he linked to Power Lunch, and from there I ended up at a Washington Post Olympic blogger, Dan Steinberg. Power Blogger mentioned that 'something bizarre is going on' over there, because Dan has 'adopted the New Zealand curling team.' (This link is to the New Zealand Curling Association. They seem to think I am a vampire just because I'm awake after 3am.)

Power Blogger is half right. Dan Steinberg has adopted the Kiwi curling team, yes, but while that might seem bizarre on the surface, if you dig a little deeper it's a perfectly understandable thing to do. Dan Steinberg is obviously a good person. The Kiwi curling team needed to be adopted by someone, and preferably someone a bit louder than they are, otherwise nobody would even notice they were there. And they SHOULD be noticed, because they are MAKING HISTORY. This is the first time a New Zealand curling team has ever made it to the Olympics.

Dan writes about them in this post (as well as several others) and if you are the kind of person who cheers on the underdog, the Kiwi curling team is PERFECT for you. According to Wikipedia they are currently coming last.

But Dan is not only a good person, he is a wise blogger. By adopting the Kiwi curling team he is guaranteed blog scoop after blog scoop. I will be getting all my news about them from him from now on. For some mysterious reason this fascinating team never turns up on Japanese TV. (I may also end up learning more than I really want to about about cheese, because Dan seems to be obsessed with cheese as well as curling. It is a small price to pay.)

Oh, and by the way, if you understand curling as much as I do (i.e. not at all) then this Curling Puppies game (found somewhere in comments on Dan's blog) might educate as well as entertain you. I say 'might' because I have to admit it didn't work very well for me (one of my puppies celebrated his awful result by lifting his leg and peeing everywhere) but it was fun, in a slow, baffling sort of way. Maybe you will be able to make more sense of it than I did.


tinyhands said...

It's still tuesday here, so it's not too late...

BerlinBear said...

Oh wow, I followed your link (what goes around comes around, and all that) and was enthralled. The WaPo has more info on the New Zealand curling team than the entire NZ media put together.

That is definitely going on my blog! Cheers.