Sunday, February 19, 2006

Big river

Yesterday I went down to the BIG river, to see what was going on there. It is years since I went that way. I used to cycle along the river to work once a week, but since that particular job finished I don't think I've been back. It's not a direction I usually go.

One thing that has changed is that homeless people have set up tents all along the riverbanks. There used to be a handful of homeless people down there, but now there are hundreds.

They were on both sides of the river. It was a gray sort of day yesterday, and the blue of their tarpaulin tents was the only colour.

I cycled quite a long way, and these tents were scattered all along the river.

There were a lot of people walking their dogs. One man had a gorgeous long-legged dog. I don't know the name of the breed but it's a very distinctive one, so no doubt someone will be able to tell me. I took several pictures but unfortunately only two came out any good, and one is from behind.

I wanted to show you what a beautiful, dignified dog it was. I didn't realize that while I was fumbling with the camera things had been happening, resulting in a slight loss of dignity. This is not the picture I intended to take.

I thought the dog looked rather pleased with itself, though. I suppose I would be too, if I'd trained someone to follow me around cleaning up after me.

More river pictures will come after I've sorted them all out.


tinyhands said...

I would guess it to be a borzoi. Ask and ye shall receive.

Paula said...

That's sad...the homeless peeps. They're not around here much--I think the HB cops make them leave.

stephen said...

Is a borzoi the same thing as a Russian wolfhound? That's what I was gonna suggest. Or an Irish wolfhound..

Badaunt said...

TInyhands: Thank you!

Stephen: You are right - see this page:

' 1936, the name of the breed was changed officially from the Russian wolfhound to the borzoi, which is Russian for “swift.”'

It also says,

'The borzoi is very fast and agile though not tolerant of any pain, real or imagined.'

What does that mean, I wonder? How does a dog suffer from imaginary pain?

stephen said...

Wow. Yay. They're really beautiful animals, anyway, and so slender! My friend had a russian wolfhound - I mean a borzoi - when I was younger. Fully grown, the thing could still slip through a gap in the fence about 6cm across.

That pooping thing is bizarre. I mean, great, why not let your dog poop in the middle of the track, you're gonna pick it up. But you're not going to be able to eradicate fully the existence of the poop, so as if it had never been there, so.. why not take the dog to one side, so people don't walk through the poop-location and get sub-atomic particles of poop on their shoes? ;)