Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stormy life

Last week I bumped into one of my students from last year. I remember him particularly for something he wrote on a test. He wrote it in a writing section for extra points. This part was not graded unless I was tossing up whether to upgrade students from a C to a B, or a B to an A, and couldn't decide whether or not to give them the two or three points they needed. Then I would look at this bit, and if they had done a good job it could make a difference.

I had instructed them to write about their daily life.

These were often fun to read, and I was particularly looking forward to reading this student's 'daily life' answer. He was a very sweet and very nice-looking guy who always sat surrounded by a bunch of his friends, who were all girls. I THINK one of them was his girlfriend. He always looked particularly happy, and they were all very good students. The girls helped him with his study, teased him a lot, and whispered and giggled amongst themselves. He sat there like the cat who got the cream, soaking up the attention. The girls looked happy, too. He was a very relaxing sort of person, and funny.

But for his answer to the bonus question he had written only one sentence. It was not very enlightening, although it did cause me to choke on my coffee. The sentence was:

I lead a stormy life.

It could have been true, I suppose, but if so, he had the most well-disguised stormy life I have ever seen. And when I saw him last week he was still looking relaxed and happy, and still surrounded by girls.


Hebron said...

Err... >.>
Mayhap he meant to write "steamy"?

Keera Ann Fox said...

Hebron may be on to something. I wonder if it isn't a bit like some of the errors Norwegians make when groping for an English word and simply using the closest sound they find in Norwegian. It makes for some wonderful howlers. Like "I'm hanging by a snore" ("hanging by a thread") uttered by one of our soccer coaches to a foreign reporter.

Badaunt said...

It could be that, or else it was a new phrase he learned somewhere else and wanted to use because he liked it.