Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Still funny

Tonight I came home and there was an email from the boss who thinks I'm funny. He'd emailed it to all the teachers, wanting to know, now that the semester is underway, how things were going and whether there were any problems or worries with our classes.

I wrote back and told him that aside from my last class on Friday being so large any problems I have are with crowd control rather than teaching, everything was going swimmingly. I told him about my other classes having such good attendance and punctuality, even the first period one, and told him about the tests I'm giving.

He wrote back,

"Oh, BadAunt, you never cease to make me laugh!"

I went back to my email and read it again, rather puzzled. As far as I could see, it had not miraculously become funny since I'd written it. Apparently he is still injecting the funny himself, and attributing it all to me.

How interesting – and how strange! I cannot understand where he got the idea that everything I say or write is a giant hoot. I had only met him once or twice before I started working in his department this year, and as far as I remember did nothing sidesplittingly hilarious then. Who on earth has he been talking to? I'm tempted to ask him.

But actually, I think I'll just leave it. It's fun to make people happy, even if you don't know quite how you're doing it. He seems to be enjoying himself enormously, and it's gratifying to think that it's all because of me.


Keera Ann Fox said...

I cannot understand where he got the idea that everything I say or write is a giant hoot. I'll bet he reads your blog. ;-)

torrygirl said...

It would be an interesting exercise to tell him a real joke and see if he laughs...

Cheryl ex madbaggage said...

But you ARE funny!
I adore your blog because all your observations are so gentle and so honest and so precise. You draw pictures.
I bet he's just not used to people making him relax when he reads their comments. I bet he expects a lot of saluting and heel clicking (even if he doesn't want it).
Maybe he just means you are a breathe of fresh air, and that's ALWAYS been true.

:-) Hugs.

me again said...

That would be a breath.
Ye Gods.