Saturday, December 15, 2007


This is George, who the park wardens told me was the second-in-command boss of his group at the Semenggoh Wildlife Center. I thought I posted this picture back in August, but apparently I didn't.

Isn't he lovely?


kenju said...

He has a nice place to live! So airy and fresh.

Badaunt said...

It was beautiful, but not quite as comfortable as it looks because it was also very, VERY humid. This picture was taken just after a downpour (an extremely wet tropical downpour) and it was about 35C and very, very muggy.

The lush greenness of the place somehow made up for that, though. It felt quite different from humidity and heat in the city. Cleaner. Plus I could have stayed there all day watching George. (He seemed to find us mildly interesting, too.)