Monday, March 05, 2007

What I've been listening to

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Did you know that Diocletian was the first Roman Emperor to retire? He was, and after retiring developed a passion for cabbage-growing.

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Dioclês (a.k.a. Diocletianus, a.k.a. Diocletian, a.k.a. Dominus et deus)

Born: A.D. 245

Employment History

- 284: Soldier

284 - 292: Emperor of the Roman Empire

292 - 305: Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire: (Empire too damn big; delegated half to Maximian.)

305 - 312: Cabbage grower

Skills and experience

Semi-divinity, autocracy, repelling barbarian invasions, persecuting Christians, creating martyrs, ending civil war, splitting up empires, growing cabbages


kenju said...

Did all the others get killed while in power? Or did they retire too?

StyleyGeek said...

Did you know (at least one of) your feed(s) ha(s/v)e (this ambiguity is getting irritating!) stopped updating?

I suddenly thought today that maybe it wasn't that you hadn't posted anything in a month, but rather maybe your feed wasn't working, so I dropped by. Imagine my delight to discover entire PAGES of badauntisms to immerse myself in!

[Nips back to Bloglines to find out WHICH feed I am subscribed to].

In fact, it's worse than I thought: there's a whole lot of blogs that were formerly on my bloglines and have vanished entirely! I know I didn't delete you all, so I assume the feed must have been deleted somehow (maybe due to switching to Blogger Beta?).

I will reinstate you now :)

Badaunt said...

Kenju: The others either died or were killed while still in power. I guess when you become divine (or at least semi-divine) you aren't SUPPOSED to retire from divinity.

People tried to persuade Diocletian out of retirement, but he refused. He preferred his cabbages.

Styleygeek: I have been indulging in something known as stealth blogging. Don't tell anyone!

(Actually I don't have a clue what happened. I subscribe to my own feed so I can keep an eye on things, and for a while after I switched to beta it stopped updating. At that time I thought of investigating what had happened, but was busy (or lazy) and then it came back, so I didn't.)

Pearl said...

I didn't know that. Did you know there is a prince in France who has devoted himself to 650 heirloom varieties of tomatoes and runs a tomato festival each September?