Monday, March 05, 2007

Not polite

Today we had gorgeous May weather (yes, I know it's March, but the weather was May), so I cycled down to the big river. There I discovered a very good reason to wear a hat.

I also discovered a very good reason to wrap a plastic bag over your bicycle seat.

(See how I cleverly focused on the grass instead of on the man or the gulls? I have a bruise on my forehead from when I noticed that after uploading the photos to my computer.)

I had brought food too, but my food was for the ducks. I cycled further down the river to find some. When I did, and threw food to them, the gulls spotted me.

Poor ducks. They know when there's no point in competing. The gulls were catching the food before it hit the water, and if a duck was in the way it got divebombed, so they left. Quickly. They paddled like mad. They could not get away fast enough.

I soon discovered that taking photos of gulls while I was feeding them myself was very, very difficult, because I also got divebombed. At one point I was trying to hold up the camera with one hand and had some bread in the other, and suddenly the food was snatched away. Another gull then made a close pass, and apparently annoyed that the food was gone, shat on my hand and screamed. The ingratitude!

Gulls are not polite creatures, and are positively ruthless when it comes to food. This is the only shot I got when I was feeding them. I think I'll let other people do the feeding next time.

When I told the gulls the food was finished they didn't believe it, and hung around for a while keeping a keen eye on me just to make sure. That was the only time I could get decent pictures. They aren't as interesting as the feeding ones would have been if I'd been able to take them, but still, I'm quite fond of that last one.


Radioactive Jam said...

For some reason the word 'gullible' comes to mind and proceeds to drive away all other thoughts.

Now it's laughing at me. I really hate when that happens.

Pkchukiss said...

You might want to try a video recording. You could set the camera on a stable ground, and set it to record while you do the feeding.

Pearl said...

You got some good shots even being divebombed.

Keera Ann Fox said...

That picture with them all lined up is great! Love it!

BTW, your description of their greed reminds me of the scene from "Finding Nemo" where all the gulls say, "Mine!". And indeed, that is what gulls do sound like they are saying.

Lia said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! I love your birds.