Monday, March 12, 2007


You are not allowed to talk about polar bears. Just stop it, right now. You bad, bad person. You must have permission, and you don't, do you. So shut up.

You're still thinking about polar bears, aren't you? STOP IT!

Here. Maybe this will help. Look at this recently pruned tree, instead. Isn't it a lovely tree?

No? That didn't work? Well, how about this one?

See that lovely white fluffy cloud behind the tree? It looks just like a po- SHEEP. Doesn't it?

Now, the interesting thing about these trees is that they are in a park that just happens to be below sea level. Isn't that fascinating? I wonder if trees can swim, like polar be -


(via Echidne of the Snakes)


Badaunt said...

Incidentally, the only link that will NOT take you to a polar bear is the 'shut up!'one at the end of the first paragraph, and that link also makes this entry make a little more sense.

Lippy said...

You had a bit too much time on your hands today, didn't you...