Sunday, August 06, 2006


Today I went to the river after all. I went later than usual, so I wouldn't get too much sun on my poor burnt legs. This meant that there was not enough light to take good pictures.

However, I decided to play around with the movie function on my camera. I have never used it before, but it was easy. While I was playing with it, a heron caught a fish, I think, and then perhaps an egret did too, and then it had an argument with another egret. (Actually, it's a bit hard to see what is happening, the quality is so bad.)

I forgot to turn on the sound but that doesn't matter because the only thing you'd hear is rushing water anyway.

This is not a good video. The light was awful, I was a bit wobbly, and there is no editing. Also, the picture is small, because this is not a video camera, just a usual camera. Do not expect too much. The cameraperson did a rubbish job and the technical quality is awful - but the actors did their best to provide a little drama.

So here it is - my first ever video.

(It is 34 seconds)


kenju said...

That was pretty good for a regular camera. my videos are usually by accident - when I didn't really want to push the video button...LOL
then they are all over the place and you get sea sick trying to wtch them.