Thursday, August 24, 2006

Day 3, I think

No update yesterday because I was too tired, after walking all day, and it will be only a short post today, sorry. Blogger is slow (or this Internet cafe connection is slow), and I am worried that anything I write will be lost anyway. But I'll answer a couple of commenter questions here, at least.

Kay: No computer - I'm just using Internet cafes. Actually our hotel has a computer we can use free, but it's in the cafe which closes at 10pm, and I'm always out until way after that. But Internet cafes are cheap.

RaJ: We ALMOST had a flash flood yesterday, and again today. If it had rained a little longer than the couple of hours we got each evening, the roads, which had become small rivers, might have flowed over. As it was the traffic was still moving, albeit slowly. We were stuck under an awning drinking tea and counting the seconds between lightning flash and thunderclap. One ... t - KABOOOOM! It was metcha exciting.

Kenju: The Chinese staff at the airport spoke English. That was not the problem. The problem was that they didn't seem quite sure what to do with us.

Other news: I took my friend shopping today. She had a list. We eventually got back to the hotel and I was laden down with stuff I'd not planned on buying. She hadn't bought anything on her list. It was, apparently, MY shopping day today, not hers. So there. (But I did introduce her to a couple of places she wants to go back to when we're back in KL at the end of the trip.)

Tomorrow we're off up the coast, on our way to Penang, with a stop along the way.


pkchukiss said...

I was at KL back in June, and the traffic jam was absolutely horrifying in the city centre.

My friend had a different idea of vacationing in Malaysia: Eating your way around the country!

Badaunt said...

Your friend has the right idea. Actually, it's the same idea The Man has. We are eating our way around the country. Yum yum!