Saturday, August 05, 2006


Yesterday on my way home from the supermarket I went for a little ride (just a little one - I'm not going to the river until the sunburn fades) and noticed that a local park had been prepared for Obon. All the little neighbourhoods have their own small festival, and this is the first one I've seen around here. The lanterns were up, and some stalls had been set up already.

I went back in the evening.

I always prefer the little festivals to the big, famous ones. I have been to the Gion Matsuri and the Tenjin Matsuri, and while they were exciting, have no urge to go to either again. Coping with the crowds was exhausting.

At the little, local festivals there are no crowds, just the local people. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun. Some people dress up in yukata to dance, and others just wear normal clothes. Some looked like they've come straight from work. This picture shows the dancers who were wearing yukata.

And while it was not particularly spectacular, it was fun, and the lanterns were pretty.


Ms Mac said...

I sometimes think that Japan must be the most beautiful and cultural place in the world to live.

Kay said...

Thank you Badaunt--sooooo natsukashiii for me and my daughter.......