Saturday, August 05, 2006

Fridge emergency

For years we've had two fridges. Both were small, inadequate, and old. One was free and the other was cheap, which is why we had two. They date from the days when we couldn't afford a new fridge, and then when we could if we wanted, the old ones stayed through sheer apathy. They worked, right? Why worry?

But for months, maybe a couple of years, I've been telling The Man we need a new fridge. Wouldn't it be nice to have one decent sized fridge instead of two old ones? They're not ozone friendly, and we could free up some space, right? Also, things stored on the top shelf would not get icy.

We'd talk about about what size fridge we'd need, the problem of getting the old ones taken away, how much trouble it would be, and how much it would cost, and then we'd end up not doing anything because we couldn't quite agree about what was necessary.

Two days ago, the biggest fridge gave up the ghost.

I said to The Man,

"Can I say, I told you so?"

"Oh, all right," he answered.

"I TOLD YOU SO!" I said.

This did not solve the problem. We still had food warming up in the fridge, not a good situation when the temperature is not likely to get below 26 degrees Celsius for the next few weeks.

So yesterday we went shopping.

We spent so much money I now feel dizzy when I think about it. Then we came home and cleaned out both old fridges, and the floor where they'd been standing. (Does anybody clean under their fridge? We didn't, and I don't want to write about how the floor looked.)

The new fridge was delivered four hours after we chose and paid for it in the shop. It is huge, and wonderful. It purrs instead of buzzing and whining and rattling. It has an ice maker. I have never had a fridge with an ice maker before, and find it all terrifically exciting. I keep waiting for it to go CLUNK! So far it hasn't, although it is making ice. Is it making ice silently, do you think, or is it waiting until we leave the room before going CLUNK? Maybe going CLUNK is a private thing for fridges. Who knows what goes on inside a fridge when you close the doors.

This is turning out to be a very domesticated vacation.


Paula said...

Congrats on the fridge! I, too, do not buy new big housey things that often (too busy looking for shooze online), and it's very exciting when I get something. We actually are in the early stages of beginning to discuss a new front door. Well, I am anyway.

Carrie said...

How exciting! When I lived with my dad for awhile I talked him into getting a much needed new fridge. The old one had been in place for almost 30 years. You can just imagine the disgusting mess under it.

Have fun trying to catch your fridge clinking!

kenju said...

The last time I had to have a service person come to fix my fridge, I was ashamed at the mess underneath. Mine is 22 years old, and I am waiting for it to "give up the ghost", although I sure hate to spend the money it will take to get a new one.

I have 3 refrigerators; one in the kitchen and two in the garage, used for my business (and overflow foods at holidays, as well as soft drinks and beer). When they
die", I will not replace them.

Faerunner said...

It's warm here, too, and unfortunately our fridge is not running because the electric is off (gotta love previous tenants not paying bills). We have bought a lot of ice, and things are staying cool in the freezer.

I would like a shiny new fridge, though... even if it was not running, it would be nice to look at.

The Editter said...

Do you know the song about what goes on inside a fridge?

There's a little man in my fridge
he lives right behind the shutter
There's a little man in my fridge
between the cheese and the butter
and I said to the man in my fridge
I said, hey you with the nightie on
What do you do in my fridge?
And he said: I turn the lightie on!

pkchukiss said...

2 refrigerators? Don't you think they consume too much power that way?

My parents were dead set against getting air-conditioners for that matter, so we have around 2 fans per room. It won't cool the place nicely when it is hot, but just merely blow the hot air around the room, but at least the power consumption of so many fans combined is still lower than brining in air-conditioners for all the rooms.

But I get jealous anyway, because all my neighbours have air-conditioning.

Anonymous said...

I know the song..
By Tommy Steele,

I was lying in my bed the other night,
Tossing and a turning in my bed,
When I remembered I hadn't had a bite,
when my tummy rumbled up to me and said,
'grab a sandwich, from the fridge, in the kitchen downstairs'


In the morning when I finally awoke,
I decided that I should aplogise,
but I'm really very sorry that I spoke,
'Cause apart from all the eggs and apple pies,
there was nothing, in the fridge,
in the kitchen downstairs"