Sunday, August 14, 2005

Prague... Germany...

I'm a little behind. There are some notes in my notebook that don't make sense any more, but others do. Here are some of the ones that do.

Sparkling water

My travelling companion likes sparkling water, and I like plain. The sparkling water is much more exciting, I must admit. Every time she opens one there is a great explosion and she sprays everybody around her with water.

(Well, maybe not every time, but often.)

On the train from ... er ... somewhere to somewhere else, an Italian man popped his desperate face into our compartment.

"Where is this train going?" he asked breathlessly. "When is the next stop?"

I looked at the timetable.

"Next stop is at ... ten past nine," I said. "I mean ..."

He flung his arms into the air. "OH GOD! STOP THE TRAIN!" he cried.

"I mean ... nine past ten. NO!" I said. "NINE PAST FIVE!"

I don't think I'd had enough sleep that night.


If two of you are sharing a six seat compartment on a train, and you don't want anybody else to join you, make sure you are laughing when people pass your compartment looking for somewhere to sit. It puts them off, and if there is somewhere else, they will take it.

My friend made this easy for me. When the train stopped and people got on, I said to her,

"I think it's time to start laughing again."

She did, and noone joined us. It is very convenient to have a travelling companion who laughs on cue.

Train stations

In eastern Europe, do not judge a country by its train stations. The train stations in Budapest, Bratislava, and Prague were awful, mostly because of their staff, who are rude and unhelpful (possibly because they are overworked). The stations themselves are confusing.

I will blog about the toilet in Prague train station soon, but not tonight. I am too tired. The short version, however, is this: If you need to pee while you are at Prague train station, do your best to hold on until you get to wherever you are going. Wetting your pants might be a viable option.

The train stations are no indication of what you will encounter once you leave them, however. Do not be discouraged.



Our first German waiter was a hunk.

The two we've had since have been middle aged women. Further research is required.

Old friends

It is lovely to meet up with old friends.

More soon.


Cheryl said...

Have missed your posts, but its good to know you are having a whirlwind of a time and are too busy cramming in experiences to find a place to blog.

Lisa/Childish said...

hunky german waiters! fabulous.

Prague Hotels said...

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