Thursday, August 04, 2005

London, part II

I like London. I'm walking all over the place, although I see from my map that quite a lot of my walking has been in circles and I haven't really seen very much. This is not the fault of London, however.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden has some fun free entertainment, and I bought a present for The Man. I cannot even HINT at what it is, because I suspect he is reading this, but I think he will like it. It certainly gave me a bit of a surprise.


This particular Internet cafe has a lot of paintings on the walls, which include, I've just noticed, a lot of nipples. When I stopped to think I stared into the middle distance and discovered that I was looking nipples in the eye. (So to speak.) It was a little disconcerting.

Obligatory weather report

Visitors to England have to comment on the weather. It is a requirement. I am happy to report that while there has been some rain, it was only at night and did not disrupt my extensive walking. It has been fine and sunny, if a little chilly at times. The natives don't seem to notice the chill, and walk around bravely attired in skimpy tops and low cut jeans, showing off their muffins. (Well, the females do. The males keep their muffins under wraps.) I have layers of clothes that come off and go on again depending on whether the sun has gone behind a cloud, and have to admit I am greatly enjoying not having to change sweaty clothes three times a day.


I greatly admire London's extensive collection of chimneys, and have taken some photographs.

Going places

I am going somewhere on Friday, to meet some people, including a woman I haven't seen since she was about seven. I can't remember where we are meeting, however. I will let you know when it comes back to me. I'm pretty sure I wrote it down somewhere. It's about an hour from here, I think, although if I do my circling thing it could turn out to be longer.


tinyhands said...

Glad to hear you're doing well. Very surprised to see you taking off at the last moment (by our standards, at least) but I know you're enjoying the break between semesters. Looking forward to photos. Have fun!

Andaloo said...

A few more days and you'll be well versed in the typical English greeting, "turned out nice again".

More men's muffins! That's what I say.

melinama said...

You are so great to be finding places to post to us, as we miss you when you're gone. You certainly needed a change of scene. Thanks for sharing!

wiccachicky said...

I am so jealous. I miss London!! Say hi to Big Ben for me. :)