Saturday, August 06, 2005

London, part III

More Obligatory Weather

Sitting outside a cafe drinking coffee, the sun came out. I found my sunglasses, paid, and left. Passed a small bookshop. Went in. Looked at two books, realized this could be a big mistake, forced myself to put them down and leave. Outside it was pissing down. Stopped in doorway to put away sunglasses and fish out umbrella. Opened umbrella, walked ten paces, sun came out.

Shouted at sky.

Covent Gardens

Sitting in a cafe at Covent Gardens the man at the next table was talking on his phone. He was swearing colourfully about a bad writeup of a theatre production. He was using very, very bad language, but in a fantastically posh accent. This made me want to laugh, but I didn't, because he was quite scary.

Not lost

I took a train to Egham yesterday afternoon after a speedwalk along the Thames (which I will write about some other time). Met some friends, only one of whom I'd met before. She is from my home town in NZ. We had a lovely time. I came back to Waterloo, took the tube - for the first time - and walked from Euston Station back to the flat where we're staying WITHOUT GETTING LOST. Well, I got a little bit lost when I'd just come out of the station, because I walked in the opposite direction I was supposed to be going in, but once that minor problem was sorted I got back to the flat WITHOUT GETTING LOST.

I am an old London hand. I know my way around. Ha.


As we walked here today we saw a squirrel. I have never seen a squirrel before. I took several pictures. It was mecha kawaii.

Camden Market

This is where I'm off to today. And then to meet another friend.


Tomorrow we are flying to Budapest. Budapest! Why am we going there, I wonder? I don't remember deciding this one, so I guess it must have been my friend's idea. I just go along with things.

Two days after that

Two days after Budapest we are taking a hovercraft down the Danube (or is it up?) and going to a city with a name that sounds like a curse. Bratisomething. Then Prague, and then on to Germany.


Must dash. My hour's up.


melinama said...

You never saw a squirrel before??? We have as many squirrels as cockroaches here. Oh my goodness.

wiccachicky said...

I'm with melinama - never ever?? We have "pet" squirrels that come to our bird feeder all the time.

tinyhands said...

My former in-laws are from Bratisomething. Their recommendation was always to skip that town and enjoy Vienna instead, just 30 minutes West. I have no doubt you'll manage to have fun though.

Anonymous said...
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Cheryl said...

I am so pleased you saw a squirrel.

This is kind of like having a round the world trip by proxy - I am really enjoying your posts.

Paula said...

Oh, what a lovely trip--I'm envious! No squirrels in Japan? Who stores the acorns???

Andaloo said...

Well you know what they say...if you don't like the weather in London, just wait a minute. Ah, but I'll bet the nights are beautifully cool.

It sounds like you're having a great time!

The Village Idiot said...

I must say that the squirrel part is what jumped out at me also. It had never occurred to me that squirrels didn't live everywhere. I can't believe you wanted to turn it into sushi...though I might try it in a California Roll, I would never try squirrel as mecha kawaii.

BerlinBear said...

Oooh, you went to Egham! I used to work in Egham, for two years. Egham does not have much to offer really, except for the University at the top of the hill, which is stunning. Didja see it?

As for Bratisomething, I was pleasantly surprised when I went there a few years ago. I was expecting all post-Communist doom and gloom and actually found a vibrant and happening city with some great buildings in the old town and the cheapest beer and coffee I've ever had anywhere. I hope you enjoy it.

Lippy said...

Phew - someone else who hasn't seen a squirrel before! I saw my first one in Boston. With a fluffy tail. Scampering up and down a tree and everything. Just like on TV. ;-)

So glad you're blogging during your travels - most entertaining and sounds like you're having a wonderful time.

I wonder how many people have seen a live kiwi... ahahaha

Robert said...

Like most Americans, I've seen countless squirrels, but until I moved to North Carolina, I had never seen a Fox Squirrel. I turned to the guy I was with and dumbfounded asked for an explanation. It looked like a mutant skunk/squirrel combination...adorable, but weird.