Saturday, November 27, 2004


To the ESL teachers who come here looking for ways to teach the simple present tense, I apologize. I'd be annoyed too, if I wanted to filch a lesson plan of the Internet (I do it all the time) and instead got me rabbitting on irrelevantly about something quite different. Yes, I have noticed your searches, and feel guilty every time one pops up.

I recommend that you go here instead, at least for a start. Also, you need to narrow your search. Using Google, include ESL "lesson plan" "present simple" (include the quotes) in your search, and you'll narrow it down a bit.

When I have time to figure out how to make a sidebar with some useful links, I'll do it. That way when you turn up here, instead of just getting frustrated and cranky you'll have somewhere useful to go next. I have dozens of teaching links bookmarked. I just don't have time right now to check them out and make sure they're still there, and then figure out how to make the sidebar.

But I will. Promise. And sorry for wasting your time. I know how busy you are.