Tuesday, November 23, 2004

More flea market pictures

Here are some more pictures of the flea market on Sunday.

First, some more of the temple grounds generally. This one is of the pond in the middle of the grounds, which is full of turtles. One year I came here in spring, and there were a lot of baby turtles. Someone had thrown in a whole slice of white bread, and a baby turtle had its front feet up on the bread and was paddling with its back feet. It looked very comfortable. I guess it was white bread surfing.

Naturally I didn't have a camera with me that day. But here are the turtles, sunning themselves on the raised platform in the middle of the pond. It's not a great picture, but you can get the idea.

In this one you can see my friend. Well, you can see my friend's hair. You can also see the temple in the background.

Here is another stall. As I said, it's all rather messy, but this just adds to the treasure hunt feeling you get when you're at these flea markets.

I don't have enough pictures of stalls. I was generally too involved in rummaging to remember I had my camera with me. But here is one, of my favourite kind of stall. There is an amazing amount of junk and I don't know what a lot of it is. This just adds to the mystery. I think that wooden wheel thing is for winding wool, or silk.

And here is another.

This woman was selling new noren, and other indigo-dyed cloth. They looked lovely flapping in the breeze.

Here are the dried snakes. I didn't buy any.

And, finally, can anybody identify this vegetable?