Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Faithless from now on

I just deleted a 50,000 word comment. (Can 50,000 words be called a 'comment'?) Blogger had to send it to me in two emails instead of one. It was an amazingly incomprehensible diatribe from a person who did not know how to punctuate or spell, and who evidently has far too much time on his (or her) hands.

My definition of 'normal' is fairly elastic, but it only stretches so far. That 'comment' had already reached my limit about twenty or thirty words in, at which point Anonymous had already mentioned god, homosexuality! reincarnation and circumcision. Skimming further down I noticed the abject situation, damnation, pro football, Noahs flood, hypersexuality, numerous references to the Final Prophet, and - the only bit I stopped briefly for - preditory Italians in clone hosts.

Preditory Italians in clone hosts?

That will teach me to use Faith as a blog entry title!


kenju said...

I have had (and have seen on other's blogs) similar diatribes. They were deleted before they were fully read!

Miz UV said...

I got that one last night on my Crumbs (cupcakes) post! Deleted it. Why do people write that crap?

Pkchukiss said...

Sounds like that comment was left by an automated carpet bomber. Sometimes you just have to love how the Internet makes irritating somebody that much easier =)