Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A tiny wee man with a feather

Pharyngula directed me to an article called The Top 5 Nasty Creatures Getting Stronger Due To Climate Change, and has scared me horribly. Yesterday and today I had a horrible itch inside my nose, which made me want to stick my finger up there and SCRATCH. This is not something I can do while I'm working. Teaching with your finger up your nose is generally frowned upon. Even between classes it is awkward. In the teachers' room, if I dig around inside my nostrils to get at that tiny wee man who is tickling the inside of my left nostril with a tiny wee feather, nobody will believe my story about the tiny wee man. They'll just think I'm being gross and unladylike.

But if you read the first item on that list, you'll know why I have been worried.

However, there is good news. I have just noticed that according to one of the commenters on Pharyngula, the amoeba lives in warm FRESH water. I was swimming in warm SALT water in Malaysia, so it's more likely that I'd get the LAST one on the list, not the first. And as far as I can see that one doesn't do the nostril thing.

Which means, I suppose, that the tiny wee man hypothesis is more likely correct.


Radioactive Jam said...

Now I'm worried.

M said...

so im sitting at work righht now with a horrible tickle in my left nostril. how did you get rid of yours?? please email me soon, cuz due to that article, now im worried too.