Friday, September 21, 2007

Other ways to spork

Today I gave my classes some questions to write answers to while I was filling in forms.* The questions were about what they did in the summer vacation. (Nobody had nearly as much fun as I did, in case you were wondering.)

One of the questions was,

Did you speak English during the summer vacation?

Nobody responded in the affirmative, but one of the students wrote,

No, I didn't. I only spork Japanese.

I was fascinated. I had previously thought it was only possible to spork foring. It seems I was wrong.

*Incidentally, between the email messages about the new forms and the actual new forms that appeared in our mailboxes, someone evidently had a DUH! moment and did some last minute revisions. We only had to write how many students we had, not how many students we did not have.