Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Just a couple of days to go, now. We're back in KL. We've just come back from eating too much (as usual), and I think all the blood from my brain has had to move to my stomach. All I can think of to tell you is something that happened a couple of days ago that is still making me laugh.

What happened was this.

We were walking past a food stall where some guy was cleaning up using one of those hairy brooms (you know the ones, made of some sort of twigs or stiff grass or something). He was sweeping away methodically, and suddenly a ball of fur burst out from under the counter and attacked the broom ferociously. It was VERY SURPRISING. The guy did not seem very surprised, though. He just put a bit more push into his next sweep, and the ball of fur (which turned out to be a cat) got swept away just as suddenly as it had appeared. It skidded under the counter, and as we walked away I looked back and saw it was bunched up for another assault, bottom wriggling furiously.

For some reason we were in a hurry, so I didn't get to see the next attack. I could imagine it, though, and was still giggling a couple of blocks later. It was so surprising.

I'm sure I could think of more to tell you, but I am sitting right under the air conditioner, again. Sorry.


Radioactive Jam said...

Probably both the cat and sweeper are thinking, "This just never gets old."

Anonymous said...

BadAunt how come you mostly always go to Malaysia?

How about (let's see) Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Kamchatka... just for examples (Kamchatka is fabulous!)

Badaunt said...

RaJ: The sweeper was totally expressionless about the whole thing, but the amount of push he put into the 'cat sweep' was JUST RIGHT. Which makes me think yes, he was enjoying himself, and he'd done this before.

Anon: I think we're getting old and lazy. We keep talking about going elsewhere, but we've both been to Thailand, neither of us like Korean food (my body doesn't tolerate garlic well), what I've heard about Taiwan doesn't really appeal, and Kamchatka ... never occurred to us. (We did think of Vladivostok once, but flights were ridiculously expensive.) The Man wants to go back to north India at some point, but we usually end up in Malaysia because it's so easy and so much fun.

Where else can you sit eating Indian food surrounded by people of three different ethnicities speaking three (or more) languages and that's normal? Where else can you feel like you're in Hong Kong one moment, India the next, and some high-tech first world country the next? Where else is the food so damned good (and cheap) and varied? Where else can you go to a beach resort and the local tourists outnumber the foreign tourists ten to one? (One of the things I found uncomfortable about Thailand was the lack of local tourists.) Where else can you feel so much NOT like a tourist? You're just another of the many different ethnicities/nationalities/languages/colours/religions (or lack of) that make up the glorious mess of a place. After all these years in Japan I know I will never feel like that here. I will always be a gaijin outsider, and not quite human.

In Malaysia I am human.