Monday, September 24, 2007

Coloured food

Lia wanted to see photos of the violently coloured cakes and drinks I wrote about. Unfortunately I did not get pictures of those particular cakes, which were the most luridly coloured ones we saw on our trip. However, I did get a picture of some others which were not QUITE so bright. As Lynnylchan noted, the green ones are perfectly safe to eat (and delicious, I can attest), but she said she'd love to see blue ones.

Well, here they are:

Blue ones included!

Also, the pink drink is rose syrup? I would never have guessed, even after I tried it. It tasted pretty revolting, although The Man claimed to quite like it.

In this picture the pink doesn't look as revolting as it did in real life, but that is partly because it is beside my watermelon juice, which is also brightly coloured. The watermelon juice colour is, however, entirely natural.


Miz UV said...

Usually I love brightly colored cakes, but those look a bit scary. And that drink! Pepto-Bismol on ice? ;)

Sorry I haven't commented for a while -- Google reader hasn't shown me these new posts. I'm going to make sure I have the right feed now.

Lia said...

The pink drinks, I think I can handle. But those cakes? Those are real? Not plastic? The colors are quite amazing.

Also, like miz uv, I haven't been seeing you on Google Reader recently. Have you changed your RSS feed?

And because I must: word verification is hobobum. And you thought those letters were just random.

lynnylchan said...

I'm quite taken by the red cakes on the far right in the large picture. Are they supposed to resemble watermelon slices? I have never seen those before.

Those are indeed some day-glo colours.