Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mid-semester blues

I have been suffering from the mid-semester blues , and it is not the middle of semester yet. SOMETHING'S GOT TO CHANGE AROUND HERE, I think, and then I realize that the problem is me. I have had this problem before, and searched my blog to see whether I'd written about it, and if I had, what made it go away.

I had. I found the entry on October 24th last year. How about that? It appears that I have become embarrassingly predictable. I got annoyed at my job and life in general at the same time last year. A couple of days later I obviously felt better, although somewhat constipated, and that particular post has given me an idea about what to do to make me feel better in my Tuesday classes, at least. (They have not been going well.)

What did I write at the end of October the year before that, I wondered? How long have I been this predictable without noticing?

I checked, and noticed that sure enough, around the middle of October 2004 I was complaining about having weird and paranoid work dreams. But by the end of the month I seemed to be feeling a bit better, or at least brave enough to attempt a conversation with a Japanese professor. In between those two entries, I got mad at the weatherman and the weatherman actually PAID ATTENTION and did something about it, so that probably helped to make me feel better. Also, I went to a flea market and I imagine that made a difference, too.

It's probably a bit late for a typhoon, but I wonder if I can find time for a flea market?


Anonymous said...

kakenukete yuku natsu no owari wa !

kenju said...

Isn't it funny how predictable we can be? Odd that you begin to feel the same way about work every year at this time, so maybe there is nothing you can do about it. The flea market sounds like a great distraction, though! Have fun.

Wiccachicky said...

It's true - you usually do get mid-semester blues about this time each year! :)

Kay said...

aren't blogs wonderful...your life is, like, so THERE in a, if they only bottled Blog Motivation tonics...meanwhile, there's always Badaunt!