Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Today I had my students writing questions to ask each other. They wrote the questions today, and will ask them next week. These were WH- questions, using WHY, WHO, WHAT etc., not yes/no questions, and they have a lot of trouble with them. (They have a lot of trouble with yes/no questions too, come to think of it, but never mind that.)

I was walking around the classroom helping as they were writing, and found that one student had written:

What is the deliciousest food?

I stopped and stared at her notebook. I tried to mumble the word to myself. Delicioushest.

I sounded drunk, but I was pretty sure I wasn't. I tried again.


It kept coming out wrong, and now I felt drunk as well.

The student looked up to see what was raining on her notebook.

"Ashk me this queshtion," I instructed her, pointing at what she had written. My tongue had gone funny.

"What is the delicioushush..." she said, and stopped. She tried again. "What is the delicioushest..." She started giggling.


I was happy it wasn't just me, and she was just as happy to be told it wasn't really a word and she didn't have to say it.


Anonymous said...

one of your funniestest.