Friday, September 08, 2006

Last day...

Today was my last full day here. Tomorrow night (actually just after midnight) I'm heading back to Osaka, the long way, with my friend. We are not looking forward to Beijing.

The Man has five more days.

I don't want to leave. I'll have to, though, because in anticipation of leaving I have not done any laundry (or had it done) for the last three days. I have nothing clean left to wear.

My friend has caught a cold, poor thing, and is feeling miserable. Flying will not be fun for her.

Tonight as we were eating (at the same place as last night - there were some things on the menu we wanted to try but didn't have space for last night) a family of four came in and ordered their meal. Then they separated a newspaper into four parts, and each member of the family spread out their bit of newspaper and started to read. It looked like a well-practiced ritual, and all was calm and content from that corner of the restaurant. The Man and I couldn't stop grinning. They looked SO comfortable and happy.

Did you know that if you point your finger at a rainbow, your finger will drop off? I read that today, in a book about Malaysia, in the bit about local superstitions.