Thursday, September 28, 2006

How to be early

This morning I woke at 5.30am, before the alarm went off. I looked at the time and said to myself,

"Ooh, look! I still have another half hour!" Then I turned off the alarm and went back to sleep.

You read that right. I turned off the alarm. And went back to sleep.

How did I trick myself into doing that? I can't remember, now, although I do remember thinking it was logical. What kind of reasoning did I use on myself? Why did I think that was a good idea?

The Man, fortunately, noticed that I was still soundly sleeping ten minutes after I was supposed to be awake, and woke me up. I panicked so badly (or so well) I got to the station early again. This time I was early enough to get an earlier train, with better connections than my usual one, and got to the coffee shop near the university a more than an hour before first class. I had a very, VERY leisurely breakfast. Usually I have about 35 minutes.

When I got to work I discovered I had left my teaching notebook at home, and didn't have a clue what I'd done in class last week. It turned out all right, though. I have become a pretty good ad-libber.

I suppose you could say that this means my bad habits are GOOD for me. They force me to learn new things, like how to ad-lib in tricky situations.

I suspect they're bad for my hair, though. I only noticed on my way home how it looked at the front (a bit mad), and said to a colleague,

"Does it show that I did my hair in a hurry this morning? Can you check the back?"

She inspected the back of my head and started laughing so hard I couldn't understand what she said next.

Was that a yes or a no, do you think?


Wiccachicky said...

I like the rare occassion that I'm early...but it also makes me feel like I'm wasting time. Like, "hey! I'm half and hour early. That's a half and hour I could have been sleeping! What was I thinking?" and so on...

kenju said...

I have done the very same thing with the alarm. Scary!

I suspect you had a very bad case of "bedhead".....LOL

Pookie65 said...

I'm usually up at 5:30 too and somehow manage to always be in a hurry not to be late. The solution to bad hair was to cut it off really short. Some gel (or water if I am really rushing) and I'm out the door. Thank God that F.F. look is popular these days.