Saturday, July 01, 2006

No news

Today in New Zealand, nothing happened.

"I feel so much more cheerful," said a local resident. "When I picked up my newspaper today there was nothing in it except a few cartoons. I didn't even have to wash my hands afterwards."

Another resident agreed.

"All those white pages in my newspaper were wonderfully refreshing," she said. "Also, when I went out to get it this morning and greeted my neighbour, I said, 'What's going on?' and he said, 'Nothing,' which was really unusual. He usually has something to complain about. It was lovely."

Even the largest city's most pissed off driver had nothing to say.

"Nothing happened, even on the roads." she said.

We asked her what she'd been doing today, and she told us she'd concentrated on breathing.

"It was very peaceful," she said.

Things will start happening again tomorrow, but for today, in this green little country things were quiet. A contented nothingness covered the land, and there was nothing to report.


Cheryl said...


I have been reading the RSS feed instead of properly visiting, so am embarrassed that I don't know when you changed your design layout.

Its beautiful.

Pookie65 said...

I'd love to see no news in the USA. No bad news anyway. Every day it's another soldier killed....another serial killer someplace....forest fires....floods. Just one day of peace would be so nice.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Auntie!


Potentilla said...

It doesn't look as though that much happened in "World", either. It must be the silly season.

Shona said...

I noticed that yesterday too :)
Well, no news is good news...

pkchukiss said...

Gee... When I read Shona's comment, I had just finished reading something elsewhere about "ambiguous statements", so I got struck by the glaring double-dealing statement. :-)

Barry said...

Still no news from New Zealand: I rather suspect that google has lost whatever feed it had been relying upon (although there is still entertainment news from New Zealand).

Love your little picture stories, by the way.

Lippy said...

Now see, this is what happens when one disappears off to do Secret Squirrel things and doesn't check one's favourite bloggers. But never fear! I shall be back to my beloved pastime of skewering stupid Auckland drivers shortly. I will.