Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Where's my seatbelt? Shouldn't I be buckled in?

I just stuck my head out the only window that doesn't have shutters, and freaked out. That great big tree next door was bending so far it was almost touching the ground.

(Addendum, 3.40 am: The wind seems to have died down except for the occasional big gust, the house is no longer shaking, and the rain was never much to start with in this area. It's finally quiet enough to go to bed. Good night!)


Satori Sam said...

What happened?!! It was just getting interesting.

Maybe there will be an earthquake next week.

Badaunt said...

DON'T SAY THAT. You're not allowed to invoke earthquakes around here.

What happened was that I went to bed. It is a beautiful sunny day today, a little windy but that's good (clean air!) and there are bits of tree all over the garden and the one rose is gone. Also, a bit of the back fence has disappeared. Down the side of the house are more hunks of plaster from the wall of the house next door, too, but aside from that it looks OK. Well, it doesn't look OK, but it looks no less OK than it did before. (i.e. It's a dangerous mess.)

Also, the garden has been invaded by tree frogs. There are usually two or three hopping around if you look carefully or disturb them with the hose, but this morning they were all over the place. Boing! Boing! Boing!

Another typhoon is lining up, and looks like it will arrive next weekend. It's on a similar path.

And tBlog is down again. Will they ever get their act together, do you think? I really, really want to like tBlog, but it's getting hard.

Badaunt said...

I should take that back - tBlog is up again! But I still want to know when/if they'll get their act together.