Sunday, August 29, 2004

Neighbourhood drama (Part II)

(Also posted at my other blog.)

The police came, with the woman in charge of people living alone, and they got into the house next door via a side door that was not locked.

She's not there. There is no sign of her, and nobody knows where she is. The house is incredibly messy, they said, and the toilet and bathroom look unusable, but it's not too smelly. They said there is a place for sleeping upstairs but no sign that anybody has been there for a while.

I'm very pleased to know that she didn't die in there, but would like to know where she is. The woman in charge of people living alone (that's very clumsy. I'll call her the WCPLA) is going to call all the hospitals in the area and see if she can locate her. The police will be looking for her, too.

So one worry has been removed, but the mystery remains. The WCPLA will keep us informed.

There is a festival happening around the corner. I'm going to check it out.