Monday, March 15, 2010


I have been watching foreign language YouTube videos, inspired by one a friend sent me: this one (although I'm not entirely sure I should call it foreign language). That led me to the original (which is almost as good! I mean bad!), and from there I moved on to a video which contained a mysterious button-pushing woman with a floating chandelier, a lineup of multi-coloured (but uniformly dull) suits, and an amazing portable music player. Aside from the portable music player, that one left me feeling baffled – but also entertained. (In an intellectual way, of course. Everybody knows that if you enjoy foreign videos you must be an intellectual.)

To finish off, I listened to some foreign music, and was surprised.

Yes, surprised is the right word, I think.

Over six million people have seen that last video since it was uploaded four years ago (and I can totally see why) but somehow it had passed me by.

Had you seen it?


kenju said...

I had never seen that. I watched yours and 2 more. He is cute! He loves the camera and it loves him.

Bereliz said...

The button-pressing woman is a soviet commercial from the 80s. The commercial is for a switcher that allows you to dim the lights gradually. Yep, they had a four-minutes commercial just for that. And the guy from the first video (Eduard Hill)was an idol in the 70s, adored by many Soviet women.

Ana said...

never heard of Vitas....but boy, I love his voice and his kind of music...coming also from a Slavic country myself I could quite a lot relate to this sort of music and totally love it!
Thanks for pointing this would have remained unseen otherwise

Anonymous said...

Yes, I did, but what Russian didn't? ;)
Badaunt, watch this
It is a Chinese boy "singing" to Opera 2. :) I found it very funny.