Sunday, March 14, 2010


Today I downloaded some (free) photography apps for my iPhone, and played around with them a little. I took some pictures at a local park to see what I could do with them. These are the results. The subject matter is some concrete seats, an upside-down concrete panda, and some shadows. After taking the pictures I played around with them using PS Mobile, which I think will be the most useful, Lofi, which I also enjoyed but which I think is suitable for some pictures but not others, and DashOfColor, which I had fun with but which shrunk the pictures so dramatically they don't really work on the web. I can't find any setting to change that, so my butterfly is very small. It looks good on the iPhone, but less good on the computer.

Also, when I resized a picture in PS Mobile and then tried to do something with it in Lofi, Lofi crashed. It does not like resized pictures, apparently.

What are your favourite iPhone photography apps? I've only just discovered these, and would welcome ideas.

Here are my favourite results: the shadows, in Lofi, the seats, also in Lofi, and the panda, in PS Mobile. The butterfly is at the end, annoyingly small.

I feel all arty, now.


Loli said...

I´m afraid modern technology and I have an impossible relationship, affair?
I simply haven´t come to handle and manage the appliances I have at home. Simple things, nothing too complex. A washing machine, mi mobile phone or a digital camera.
Just picture that!

Your photos are sublime.

Regards from Argentina.

kenju said...

Good work! I like the concrete seats.

torrygirl said...

These are great!
I have an iPod not an iPhone so I can't take photos on it, which means the photo effect apps aren't much use to me.

I do use the Flickr app a lot to access my online photos though, and I think you can upload photos directly with it if you have an iPhone.