Monday, September 28, 2009

Yukka (again)

Remember our spiky plant? The one that has gone a funny shape? (I have been told it is a yukka.)

The Man has a theory about this plant. He says that the plant did not like having its spikes cut off.

It laced its fingers and pondered the problem. Then it thought, "Hey! If I keep my fingers laced, maybe they won't get chopped off..."

"Look! No spikes!" it said. "Don't chop me! I'll be good!"

So far, it is working. We have not chopped off its spikes. Not the middle ones, anyway.


kenju said...

I'm still thinking that spiders may have done that with webs.

torrygirl said...

I have a yukka at home - someone gave it to me because apparently they're impossible to kill, even if you completely neglect them.

I'm tempted to chop the spikes off the outside leaves and see if it does this - although since it's the only plant that I've managed to keep alive in our garden it might be too risky...

Dávid said...

I like the theory and the pictures too. You have an intelligent yukka.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Where I'm from, it's spelled "yucca". I actually lived near a town called Yucca Valley as a child.