Friday, September 11, 2009


I have a problem with okra. My problem is that I consistently forget what it's called. If I want to say something about okra, I start off perfectly clear what I want to say, but as the word approaches it fades and disappears, leaving me saying stupid things like, "You know, that green vegetable..." I cannot think of any other word that this happens with. It's just okra.

Today I went out for lunch and the waitress told me the 'healthy plate' was tofu and okra burgers. That sounded good, I thought, and later when it arrived I thought to myself, "Ooh, what a good mix! Tofu and ... er ... um ..." This was just five minutes or so after the waitress had used the word okra. I stared into space until my burger went cold, trying to remember what it was.

I am hoping that now that I have typed the word okra six times (so far) in this post, perhaps it will stick, finally. My okra forgettery has gone on quite long enough. The Man is sick of me asking what that vegetable is called and gets quite testy when I forget yet again. Why do I forget okra? Such an easy little word. I should be able to remember it.

Am I the only person who forgets a specific word like this? (As far as I know it's only the one word, if you don't count people's names, which I forget on a regular basis.)



Pukke said...

My remember-me-not word is "kinesiologist", and it works just like okra works (I mean doesn't work) for you.

Funny, even this time, to write this comment, I needed to ask my wife what the word was, and I always do this by describing a certain person we both know and ask what her profession is. No matter how hard I try figuring it out myself, the only word I can squeeze out my mind is "psychopath", even though she isn't one.


I wonder if this helps :)

Kay said...

Can there be such a thing as tofu-okra (the slippery green vegetable)? Or was it really Tofu-Okara burgers, delicious and popular in Japan?

Keera Ann Fox said...

I have words like that, but can't think of them right now.

Angeline Larimer said...

Every time I read "okra" I heard "Oprah". Maybe that will help?

Hana said...

"OK Oprah, cook me some eggs! (to go with my okra)"

That should do it.

Hebron said...

I forget words based on conversation.
I'll be all "Hey, you know what really gets my goat? When word...thing. Crap."

Then the next day it'll be a completely different word. :T
I fail at English... err... word list >.<

Badaunt said...

Pukke: But kinesiologist is a DIFFICULT word, so easy to forget, surely. Okra is easy. (Although I must say psychopath is a fairly strange substitute! Are you SURE about your friend?)

Kay: It was definitely okra and tofu burgers. It was when I had cut a burger and noticed the okra (which I'd forgotten she'd told me about) that I tried to remember what they were called, and failed.

Ange and Hanna: Oprah might help, actually. It's illogical enough to make me remember. :-)

Keera: You'll remember what they are the next time you forget them - and then you STILL won't be able to tell me.

Hebron: You are an equal opportunity forgetter!