Sunday, September 06, 2009

In the garden

We had a couple of visitors in the garden today. Besides the usual butterflies, a hummingbird moth came to check out the flowers. Why do hummingbird moths have fluffy tails? That's just wrong, on an insect. Hummingbird moths are a little creepy.

A dragonfly also visited, and stopped to rest on the dead hardenbergia. I don't know why the hardenbergia died. It just did, quite suddenly. The dragonfly didn't seem to mind.


Kay said...

Still would love to know how you get such sharp and gorgeous pictures? Special camera, or???? I can't seem to get good pix with my Nikon CoolPix....hmmm

torrygirl said...

I agree with Kay, your macro photos are fantastic. What camera & lens are you using?

Badaunt said...

I'm using a DSLR - an Olympus E510 I got last year, or was it the year before? It was worth paying for a better camera, as you've noticed - it takes lovely shots. But I didn't use the macro lens for these shots, as I couldn't get close enough. I used a zoom (the lens kit zoom, nothing special), and cropped the pictures.

But my old camera (a point-and-shoot Olympus) was pretty good, too. I'm not a knowledgeable photographer, so a good camera really help. (I also edit a lot - I take dozens of pictures to get one halfway good one. In fact I'm a better editor than photographer.)

Keera Ann Fox said...

As the others have noted, these are great pictures! The moth is rather sci-fi-looking, but I rather like that in a moth. Dragonflies are always photogenic; you've captured this one at an uncommon angle.