Sunday, March 08, 2009

Spring back!

I am always confused by daylight saving. Or, rather, I am confused by talk about daylight saving. Daylight saving itself is not a problem. I know that in spring you put the clock forward an hour (and lose an hour of sleep), and in autumn you do it the other way. This is not a problem. It is perfectly logical, until someone uses the mnemonic* 'spring forward, fall back,' and confuses me. Hearing this makes me think I must have it wrong, because in my head I always change it to 'spring back, fall forward.'

I don't know why I change it, but I suppose it is because I am not a springing forward sort of person. I am more likely to spring back. Also, I am fairly sure I have fallen forward more often than I have fallen back. Apparently I have been living my life all wrong. I have been falling forward and springing back on a regular basis, while all over the world other people have been springing forward and falling back.

It is probably just as well there is no daylight saving time in Japan.

*Why is it so difficult to remember how to spell a word that means 'memory aid'?


Keera Ann Fox said...

The mnem-, uh, memory aid "spring forward, fall back" works for me. In Norway, they try to remember which it is by saying you move the clock towards summer. So set it ahead one hour in the spring (one hour closer to summer) and one hour back in the fall (one hour closer to summer - again). Which confuses me.

Tabor said...

I cannot believe that you wrote this because I was thinking the exact same I have every time this year. I always get it mixed up.

Kadhine said...

I totally hear you. I came from the Caribbean where there's no daylight savings time so I get reallllly confused here in Europe.

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly sure that your confusion has something to do with having grown up in NZ....the spring forward and fall back approach works only in the northern hemisphere.

Okay, I made that up.

Eagle Point, Oregon