Sunday, March 01, 2009

Notes (and notes about notes)

Today as I was waiting for a friend I made a mental note of some things I wanted to remember, for writing about here. Then I decided that a mental note was not enough. When I make mental notes I often can't locate them later, when I need them.

I wrote actual notes, instead. The problem is that now I can't be bothered writing out the stories behind the notes. I am becoming lazier and lazier as my spring vacation progresses.

Rather than not write anything, I have decided to give you just the notes. I am sure my long-time readers will be able to fill in the gaps themselves.


1. There should be a comedy category for ice skating. The pratfall possibilities are ENDLESS. It would be brilliant!

2. Why does my bra keep coming unhooked? Am I so deflated my bra no longer fits?

3. My zit is ALIVE?


Hmm. It seems some clarification might be necessary after all.


1. Inspired by a little bit of TV I saw this morning in a coffee shop.

2. I did it! Last week, actually. It hurt, but not too much. And I didn't pass out. I didn't even wobble. (It probably helped that I was lying down.) I am now feeling MUCH more comfortable (except when my bra unhooks itself).

3. The Man's reassurance that it was just a zit was enough. He did not need to add this comment, which gave me a perfectly horrible mental picture of a pus-filled blob waving tiny fists in the air and shouting, "THIS BUTTOCK IS MINE! I'M TAKING OVER!"

I'm a bit worried every time I sit down, now. ('Zitocide'?)

4. Inspired by the fact that my friend arrived just as I was going to write #4, so I made a mental note instead. (See first paragraph.)


kenju said...

Too funny!

I write notes, and then cannot decipher them or can't fathom what I meant to say.

Keera Ann Fox said...

I first read your explanatory note about not passing out and not wobbling as having to do with the note about the comedy category for ice skating.

Now that I've re-read, let me congratulate you on getting your cysts taken care of!

Violet said...

That bra...must have been designed with men in mind...