Thursday, November 02, 2006


I went to the giant booksale today, and bought FORTY BOOKS. You will have to wait until the books are delivered to find out what they are. So will I, actually, because I've forgotten what I chose in the end, aside from two I brought home with me. It was a wonderful sale. The two books I brought home were a Terry Prachett and a Flashman adventure, which I started reading on the train. I have never read a Flashman book before, and it is pretty much as advertised - old fashioned adventure with lots of historical detail and an extremely politically incorrect hero. What fun!

After getting back from the booksale I decided that tomorrow and Saturday I would catch up on paperwork, but for the rest of today I would work on the switch to Beta Blogger. Having made this decision, and braced myself, I logged in and discovered that I couldn't. The button (for switching over to Beta) that I've been noticing on my dashboard for the last couple of weeks has now gone. They've taken it away! Where did it go? And why?

It's probably just as well, though. Just now I fired up Internet Explorer to test the hacks I installed on my experimental Beta Blogger. These are the hacks I was going to use for this blog when I switched. I discovered that I have created a horrible mess, or at least IE has. They don't call it Internet Exploder for nothing.

Back to the drawing board!


Wiccachicky said...

You always get caught at the book sale. :)

Good luck with blogger beta. I haven't switched yet...and I don't know that I want to. I haven't been that impressed with what I've seen other bloggers do to this point.

kenju said...

I have been wondering about the beta blogger too. I have trouble making any changes to my blog - so this will be a real chore for me. Why did they remove the beta button?

Potentilla said...

Colin says there have been an awful lot of complaints about Beta being buggy, mixed in with the complaints about the original version being down, in the comments on the status blog. It is of course still only a beta; I suspect that many users don't have the background IT knowledge to realise that a beta version is an industry -standard term for a version that is still going through the final stages of testing, as opposed to a version that actually works. "Beta Blogger", now I think about it, is a silly name. It sounds like a brand doesn't it, to come after "Alpha Blogger" or something. It should have been called New Improved Blogger Beta Release or (industry standard, if boring) Blogger 2.0 beta release of.

Anyway I would never use a beta version of any software for something I cared much about being messed up (and opposed to say a video-Skype call) - anyway without lots of back-ups and being able to unimplement the change myself.

Potentilla said...

Sorry, s/be "as opposed" and no "of" at the end of the previous para.