Sunday, December 26, 2004

Creepy squeaky Christmas clown

I hope everybody is having a lovely Christmas. Ours is finished (it's 2.30 am) and I'm about to drop. But before I nod off, here's a picture or two.

I went with a bunch of friends to a flea market in Kyoto (Kitano-Tenmangu), as we usually do at Christmas, and after that to dinner at a hotel. I didn't buy much but took lots of pictures. This is my new, cheap method of 'doing' flea markets. I don't buy, I point and click. This means that when I see a wonderful ivory Hotei, costing ¥50,000, I don't worry about not being able to afford to buy it. I can afford to take a picture of it. I have blogging to thank for this. It hadn't occurred to me to take pictures at flea markets before. Click! Click! Click!

Here is Hotei. This ivory Hotei is now mine, because I have a picture of it. I didn't have to pay ¥50,000.

I saw some masks I liked, too, but where would I put them, I wondered? On my computer, of course. CLICK!

I also spotted some old posters that I rather fancied, and having no wall space was no problem. CLICK!

For some reason I felt compelled to take pictures of dolls today, even though I don't actually want any dolls. Dolls are spooky. CLICK!



There are a lot more, but for now I will leave you with the scary Christmas clown at the hotel. It was a rather disappointing Christmas dinner. No turkey, and no Christmas pudding.(No Christmas pudding! Stuff the turkey - I want my Christmas pudding!) To top things off there was a scary Christmas clown. The clown was scary because he kept playing with balloons, and one time a balloon popped and we all jumped. Also he made mysterious squeaking noises and we couldn't figure out where the squeaking came from. It did not come from the balloons. Sometimes he squeaked when he poked at his nose, sometimes he squeaked when he poked at a balloon (and made me cringe), and sometimes he held his hands in the air and squeaked for no apparent reason at all. He was a creepy squeaky Christmas clown.

The food was good, but it was not Christmas food. Only in Japan would it have been called a 'Christmas buffet.' We'll be back at the Hilton next year, I think, where there are no clowns but there is Christmas pudding. With brandy sauce.


I'll post some more pictures tomorrow.

A very good Christmas night to you.