Sunday, December 05, 2004

And the question is...

Here are the last seventeen searches that resulted in hits on my blog, from the 'keyword analysis' that Statcounter provides for me.

do pineapples grow on trees or on bushes?
symbolic shit
where do pineapples grow
how do pineapples grow?
pineapples how do they grow?
where do pineapples grow?
how do pineapples grow
growing pineapple trees
where do pineapples grow?
skill and care in constructions
picture of pineapple tree
pineapples grow tree
bring back my body to me
how pineapples grow
where do pineapples grow
pineapples how do they grow
how do pineapples grow

Is anybody else seeing a pattern here?

To people with questions about pineapples, the answer is that they grow upside-down. (There's a link to a picture.)


Andy N. said...

I am told that proper blog etiquette requires that when one reads a blog that is worth re-visiting, that a comment is left. Yours happened to one “Recently updated” when I logged in, and “present simple” piqued my interest. Your observations, from mandarin sitting, to Saudi driver licenses, to ESL: a job I do not envy you on (it’s difficult enough to find those who reasonably proficient at it as their first language!), are a joy to read. Thanks.

tinyhands said...

I could go for some pineapple now...or maybe softserve ice cream with pineapple topping.

Badaunt said...

To Andy N: Thank you for your kind comments. It's nice to find out that my daily sanity-preserving exercise is providing some pleasure to others!

Badaunt said...

To tinyhands: 'Softserve icecream'? Is that what it's called? Here they call it 'soft cream', and I always want to correct my students but didn't know the right name. (I prefer pineapple with unsweetened yoghurt.)

tinyhands said...

Right- To make sure we're talking about the same thing, "softserve" ice cream is what they serve at McDonalds, similar to frozen yoghurt in consistency.

Badaunt said...

Culture clash!

I've never eaten frozen yoghurt. I also never go to McDonalds. (Both are in Japan, however. It's just me.)

But I'm assuming 'softserve icecream' is the sort that comes out of a machine rather than is scooped. And it's er... soft. A bit like whipped cream, only heavier.

tinyhands said...

You got it- softserve is extruded rather than scooped. Frozen yoghurt is very similar (consistency of sorbet, except creamy) and can also be bought in pint or half-gallon (liter, 2-liter?) size cartons at the grocery store. Softserve pretty much only comes in vanilla, chocolate, or swirl. Frozen yoghurt comes a dozen or so fruit flavors.

I rarely go to McDonalds either (only for a sundae on Sunday), and I feel like SUCH a dirty American when I see them when I'm overseas. Of all the great things America could export to the world, McDonalds isn't one of them. Nevertheless, I'm weak for a hot caramel sundae.